Aulterra Whole House Neutralizer


Neutralizes the electrical wiring of home or office, including all plugged-in devices. Uses the neutralized electrical circuits in the building framework to protect from external incoming EMFs such as WiFi and mobile transmissions. Covers up to 464.5 square metres of a single or multi-storey building. Designed to create a safe & harmonious living environment. Includes one high quality power point adapter for AU/NZ that meets Australian electrical safety standards.

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• Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are emitted by electrical wiring and almost every household electronic device. These are artificial chaotic energies that interfere and distort natural human energy patterns and can be hazardous to our health. They may potentially cause a variety of diseases.

• The Whole House Neutralizer is designed to neutralize these disruptive energies in the home or office creating a safe and harmonious “EMF calm” environment.

• It will not interfere with internet or mobile phone reception because it does not block the signals, it neutralizes them.

• It covers up to 464.5 square metres of a building, depending upon the electrical usage in the space. Allow up to three days for it to settle in and neutralize the entire building.

 It contains a natural compound of rare-earth paramagnetic minerals that reacts with magnetic fields smoothing out their energy signature wave form. This changes human-made EMFs into a more natural form of energy thus effectively neutralizing the negative effects of the EMFs on the human body.

 Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and turn the outlet switch on. Without consuming any electricity, the electrical flow will carry the neutralized current through all the wiring in the building and into all plugged-in   electronic devices, such as :

  • office equipment
  • microwave oven
  • computer
  • WiFi modem
  • smart meter
  • fridge
  • TV
  • fuse box
  • fluorescent  lights

It will also utilize the neutralized electrical circuits within the building framework to protect you from external EMFs entering the building, such as:

  • WiFi
  • mobile tower signals
  • radio frequency
  • high voltage electrical transmission lines
  • geopathic stress

Q. I’ve got the house plug, do I need the discs?

A. Use the discs for all unplugged mobile devices such as: mobile phone, cordless phone, eReader, Bluetooth device, tablet computer, etc. Also, due to the strength of the EMF emitted by some devices, we recommend using both the Whole House Neutralizer AND a disc on the device. For example –

  • smart meter
  • WiFi modem
  • solar panel inverter
  • USB internet

Q. Will a Gauss meter, or EMF detector, show the plug is working?

A. No. They are used to detect a change in signal strength. The plug does not reduce the signal strength but instead changes the pulse tone  inside the current thereby making the emissions from the electricity harmless to the body.

Feedback from customers:

Sleeping so much better with the gadget! 1,000,000 thanks xxxooo.

– Emerald, NSW

The Neutralizer arrived yesterday & I immediately felt a difference (I am very sensitive). LOVE this product.” – Bianca, WA


Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and turn the outlet switch on.